The ptplugin.com plugin is a snippet of HTML code which fitness professionals can plug into a page on their websites.

This code gives trainers access to tools to manage training data and also gives their clients tools to monitor their progress.

Don't have a website? No problem. A virtual website can also be created right here on the ptplugin.com website branded with your own name and logo.

There is much more to ptplugin.com. Click here to see what ptplugin.com can do for you.

Why Use ptplugin.com?

  • Improve client retention.
  • Keep clients motivated.
  • Drive people to your website.
  • Remotely access all your clients' data.
  • Set yourself above the crowd.
ptplugin.com gives fitness professionals the tools to monitor their clients' progress and to provide their clients with real time feedback.

How can I get it?

Create an account with ptplugin.com and you can get started straight away.

You can use the plugin code free of charge for 30 days. After that, if you purchase a plan, you can continue to use it until your plan expires.

Renewal is easy and, if you wish, for an even better rate you can purchase a year's subscription.

How much does it Cost?

ptplugin.com customers can choose from one of the following plans.
3 Months
Trainer 51
Studio 102
Gym 253
Gym 510
Gym 1020

Better rates are available for periods longer than 3 months. Take a look at our Plan Rates page for more details.

Create Your Own Tests

create your own test types by entering a formula

Chart Test Results

chart of test results

Workout Records

workout form for personal traning sessions

And much, much more...